My Dearest Daddy

Today would have been your 88th birthday.

Truth be told, I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that you’re no longer here with us. How can it only feel like yesterday that we sat together with our feet up by the window sill in your bedroom, chatting for hours into the night? And debate about how the world was truly a stage and we were mere actors playing our parts?

Growing up, we’re never really taught how to deal with grief. We’re just sensitized to know that every man or woman when brought to this world has to depart one day.

But here’s the thing with grief. It’s not very structured or straight-forward. It doesn’t follow any timelines or schedules. Sometimes even the most happiest of moments suddenly don’t seem so happy anymore, because of the longingness to make memories from before alive again.

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Social Distancing For The Social Millennial

Why, hello there! If you’re a faithful follower who’s been redirected here by the wonderful world of social media, it’s so nice to e-see you again! If you’ve been here before, you’ll know (well, maybe?), that it’s been a good 4 years since any words were published on this white screen in front of you.

Now, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share my two cents on what’s been up since my last blog post on Buzzfeed’s Tasty Way of Conquering the Online Food Industry, before I tell you what it’s like social distancing as a social millennial.

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Buzzfeed’s Tasty Way of Conquering the Online Food Industry


“Do you know anyone who knows where I can buy the best red velvet cupcakes?”, I ask one of my friends as I pass the hallway.

“Dude, why don’t you just check online! You’ll find out the best options and store reviews as per your budget!” she adds.

(Silly me, I think to myself.)

Long gone are the days when consumers like you and I depended on friends, family and relatives to gather information on products of our interest. With the boom of ubiquitous information in the virtual world, the process of getting an answer has never been simpler.

In this very world of the Web 2.0 exists over 1  million registered members who form an exhaustive community of the virtual world and engage in regular discussions and opinionated debates on vast topics of the universe. These very members form an interstitial part of the online community.

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Digital Advertising: Is Someone Watching Over You?


When was the last time you noticed an item  that you recently searched for, follow you around various online platforms in the the form of an ad? If you realise that this happens to you every other day, then you already know what I am talking about. And if you thought for all this while that it was all a matter of pure coincidence, then think again.

This is what advertisers and marketers call ‘re-targeting’, wherein technology-based softwares track your previously searched information (which are secretly stored in your cookie-based browser as you read this) and ‘follow’ you across the Web. This means that the chances that your favourite website knows you better than you know yourself are soaringly high.

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Identity Construction in the Digital Age


In today’s digital world, users from around the globe have an undeniable amount of control to ‘like/tweet/share’ any sort of content they wish to. From updating their statuses with personal achievements to posting pictures of recent travel diaries to sharing deep quotes or opinions about the bigger things in life, the presence of geographic boundaries have definitely diminished and brought people closer. But in the process of embodying the very concept of ‘connectivity’, the existence of an ‘always-on expression’ has created a central paradox of identity and led to the issue of an identity crisis.

The hyper-connected social media life that we live in today has become so hard to disconnect from- especially for social media-savvy students. This very situation has traversed lengths to making one lead a ‘double life’, with the illusion of being in one place physically, but in reality elsewhere. These minds which are represented by avatars on the online world  have occasionally designed a persona that has either consciously or subconsciously been made to portray themselves differently in the virtual world.

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